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About the founder & Penguyen

Penguyen started as a brand geared towards athleisure that soon developed into a balance between streetwear and fitness apparel. I found myself immersed in fitness Youtube channels and their success stories became my inspiration. I thought it was pretty awesome how they rocked their own athletic products. I felt that I could only imagine such things — just a thought I pushed to the side, worried it might distract me from school work. One day I brought it up to my parents and surprisingly, I got their approval and support. Then I set a date, and just went for it. Penguyen lives by the motto "not if, but when?" It wasn't a question of if I was ever going to start, but when. Penguyen officially launched March 1st, 2020 and I don't regret a single thing. I love what I do.

Often times, we doubt ourselves by clouding our minds with "what if's". We make decisions, and then we start to overthink it. I challenge you to break that habit. Follow your gut feelings and act on it now.